Early in the spring of 2009 I fell in love...with a beautiful pastel painting by artist Karen Schroeder of Coupeville, Washington. Some months after asking if she gave lessns, I was happy to learn that a class was available. In November I took my first pastel painting class... and this love affair continues...
Pastels are the purest painting medium -- pure finely ground pigments are lightly formed into sticks with just a whisper of medium. They are soft and sensuous and are made in the most vibrant of colors. When applied gently to a rough surface which grasps and holds the pigment they are treasures --fragile and vulnerable and an ongoing delight. No two dimensional medium affords the tactile and seductive involvement of pastels. This blog is a collection of my pastel works....

Saturday, January 14, 2012


If you want to catch up with my activities, I would love to have you visit www.barbarmearing.blogspot.com. Happy New Year.

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